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Introducing the Slick Stick Oil Level Monitoring System by Striem


We're happy to introduce the Slick Stick™ Oil Level Monitoring System. It's a monitoring solution that can be installed into the oil separator itself.

Up until now, in order to monitor oil level, we recommended an oil collection tank (OCT) and a float switch (AVA-3 or -4).

With the launch of the Slick Stick, the OCT Series will be discontinued. Please note, we will continue to accept OCT orders through June 30, 2019 in an effort to service the specification pipeline.

What is it?
The Slick Stick is comprised of a control panel and a float switch. The float switch will ship with 50' of cable. The tank that it is ordered with will be equipped with everything needed to install the Slick Stick onto the tank's adapter.

How does it work?
The float switch is an interface float, meaning it floats in water, but sinks in oil due to the weight of the float. Once the oil layer within the separator passes below the float, the control panel will alarm (audio and visual).

What tanks will it be offered with?
The OS-50 through OS-1500. Each tank will have a dedicated Slick Stick part number ending with "-SS" (for example, OS-50-SS).

Can the float be installed at whatever level a user desires?
Yes. Our installation guide will walk the installing contractor through how to set the float to the desired oil capacity level between 50% and 90%. It can be installed with or without risers.

Click here to see the Slick Stick product page. With regard to website navigation, the Slick Stick page will be listed under both Oil Separators and Monitoring Solutions, as it pertains to both.


Scott Nite