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Aquatic with RESIN8


On January 9, 2019 American Bath Group will launch Resin8™ Enhanced-Resin to all of our AcrylX™ customers.

Project SuperNova, the name used for our Resin8™ development, is the culmination of years of research and efforts to develop an enhanced-resin formula that would increase all of the aspects so important in resin.  This was achieved through the Patent Pending proprietary Resin8™ Enhanced-Resin. By combining Resin8™, AcrylX™, and ArmorCore™ with our Lifetime Warranty we are, again, bringing unprecedented value to the industry.

Building A Better Bathware Industry is the American Bath Group vision. By Driving Innovation, Pursuing Operational Excellence - Everywhere, and Focusing on the Experience, we are continually doing this.


Like AcrylX™ and ArmorCore™, we've targeted an aspect of the product that is often overlooked but vital in the production of quality bathware. Resin8™ is a proprietary enhanced-resin formula that provides markedly increased attributes to our product. Exclusive to American Bath Group, it has been tested and perfected over several years and is now ready for use across our products.


Beginning Wednesday, January 9 all current AcrylX™ models available from American Bath Group's divisions will be transitioned to Resin8™ enhanced resin.

You will recognize the new Resin8™ models as the backing color will be a dark graphite gray.  This transition is already taking place and should be complete before the end of December.

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The transition will be virtually seamless as there will be no change in model numbers, SKUs, specifications, or cost. Customers will begin receiving Resin8™ models over the month of December with full implementation by the launch.

We have crafted a Frequently Asked Question Guide, which you can download HERE.

All marketing materials which need to be adjusted will be updated over the next month. Although there will be some changes, the vast majority of materials will not be effected by the launch.

Remember, this isn't the end, but just the continuation of the innovations from American Bath Group!

Scott Nite