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Stop Odor and Bacteria Spread by Sewer Gases


Health & Safety

  • SureSeal protects against the spread of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella and deadly infectious diseases like SARS which are believed to be caused/spread by sewer gases

  • Resistant to lime scale and microbiological growth

The SureSeal Inline Trap Sealer solves the problems of infrequently used drains by eliminating the need for a trap primer while preventing the emission of sewer gases from backing-up into living or work areas. It is much less expensive, much more effective, and much simpler to maintain than a trap primer.

Cost Savings

  • Initial cost plus installation is much less expensive than alternative solutions

  • Eliminates the need for complex, time consuming, and expensive repairs when trap primers fail.  (No walls or floors to tear up to access the problem.)

Eco-friendly – Saves Water

  • Reduces use of potable water – lowering water bills

  • Reduces flow of water through sewage treatment systems increasing existing plant capacity


The SureSeal should be utilized where a trap primer has failed or where a trap primer does not exist.

  • New Construction: Used in floor drains to provide added protection against escaping sewer gases. Eliminates the need to repair/replace trap primers when they fail.

  • Retrofit: Used in situations where trap primers have failed or where trap primers were never installed.

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Scott Nite