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Inspired by Nature - Introducing Powder Rain by Hansgrohe

PowderRain Story

With warm and misty rain droplets in mind, Hansgrohe’s product specialists developed their newest spray mode, PowderRain. This innovation is featured in the newest range of Raindance products that will transform your showering experience, making it even more special, and indeed unique: Showering you with micro-find droplets, wrapping your skin in a cocoon of water.

PowderRain Features

  • 3 different design options - Raindance Select S Handshower, Raindance S Showerhead 180, and Raindance S Showerhead 240

  • Each silicone PowderRain nozzle has multiple fine holes that create thousands of micro-droplets

  • Dense spray pattern and smaller droplets softly cover the skin

  • Whisper quiet - mimics the relaxing sound of rain

  • Flow rate options: 1.75, 2.0, & 2.5 GPM

Click on the Image Above for More Info on PowderRain

Scott Nite
Coming Soon! NexTile 4-Piece Subway Tile Wall Set by Bootz

The NexTile 4-piece wall set combines innovative solutions with sophisticated design to upgrade your style and space. It’s an easy alternative to ceramic tile that’s both budget friendly and style-savvy.

  • Designed to fit all Bootz 60 x 30 baths

  • Subway tile pattern and realistic grout texture without the upkeep or high price tag

  • Spacious wall-to-wall niche with a beautiful mosaic tile pattern that can be customized with real tile

  • 4 light weight interlocking composite pieces that allow for quick, 1-person direct-to-stud installation

  • Grout-free panels in glossy composite material are simple to clean and maintain


Scott Nite
Warmer. Quieter. Stronger.

Bootz premium insulation redesigned for maximum warmth, minimal sound and ultimate durability.

Honeycomb Structure for Maximum Strength

  • Exclusive design featuring strong geometric pattern

  • Increased static load strength and improved load dispersion

  • Industry-approved design: Validated through 200+ end-user interviews

Premium Heat Retention

  • 30% warmer than standard porcelain-on-steel products

Sound Deadening

  • Absorbs sound for a quiet, peaceful bathing experience

Added Reinforcement and Ease of Installation

  • Added skirt braces to minimize apron flex

  • Superior drain reinforcement

  • Waster and overflow channel to accommodate plumbing

  • Pre-leveled base for easier installation; no mortar required


Scott Nite
Another Round Please

Well, another Champions sales meeting is in the books. We welcomed some new faces this year as our company grew a bit in 2018.

As always, we learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Two very nice rifles were won and thankfully no one tore a meniscus on the dance floor this year.

Phil Rockett wins the unofficial award for being the “Most Texan” with the cowboy hat and outstanding Texas leather jacket, although Travis Chapman was a close 2nd. You guys should have rode in on horses.

Congrats to Clint Shows and Sam Ferralez, who won the “Official” awards and congrats to Kurtis Vaughan and Matt LaMothe who marked their 10th and 5th years with the company respectively. Also we’d like to extend a special thanks to the outside parties who participated in this year’s sales meeting!

We look forward to a great 2019!

Scott Nite