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Eliminate Jobsite Tub Damage with Armorshield by Bootz


Unmatched Protection

Sprayed onto the finished surface of the product, Armorshield dries instantly to create a thick protective coating that guards against most jobsite damages, saving you time and money.

Peace of Mind

This factory installed UV-resistant coating stays firmly in place and protects the product’s brilliant porcelain finish in all conditions.

Easily Removable

When the job is finished, Armorshield easily peels away to reveal the untouched, glossy surface.

Option Details

  • Available on all Bootz bathtub and shower base models

  • To order, add an “A” at the end of the model number (XXX-XXXXX-XXA)

Extended Warranty

Armorshield comes with an unmatched no-charge repair guarantee on damages cause by normal jobsite wear, including:

  • Nails and screws on the floor

  • Food and drink

  • Tobacco stains

  • Cuff marks from ladders, stilts, boots and drywall/lumber scraps

Scott Nite